The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut

Friday, September 12, 2014

Madhupur Than, Kochbehar | Main Gate.

Madhupur Sattra,West Bengal
Madhupur Than in Kochbehar, West Bengal 
Cooch Behar Railway Station, West Bengal.
Main Gate to Madhupur Sattra
Madhupur Dham in Kochbehar, West Bengal

Madhupur Than, Kochbehar, West Bengal. It is also known as Madhupur Sattra nowadays. Srimanta Sankaradeva, the founder of Eka Sarana Nama Dharma predicted in 1550 during his second pilgrimage that a holy institution would come up here. Madhupur Than at the present location came into being in 1594 at the initiative of Madhavadeva.
Beside the Kirtanghar, there is a 105 feet tall Math in the Than. It was constructed in 1964 with a grant from the Government of Assam. Holy relics of Srimanta Sankaradeva and Madhavadeva are preserved in this Math. This has made the Than more special. The devotees perform prayers in the hall of the Math in front of these relics. The seat of Srimanta Sankaradeva is kept at the eastern side in the Math. So the altar is on the western side there unlike in the Kirtanghar.
Many relics of Srimanta Sankaradeva like his rosary, footwear, jar, remains of yarn used in Vrindavani cloth, manuscripts etc are preserved in the Than. These are shown to public on two occasions in the year. These are kept on display for several days at a stretch from the day of Raas Purnima.
There is a centuries old honey comb in the Than. Srimanta Sankaradeva had predicted about the setting up of an institution here after he had relished honey at this very site during pilgrimage.
The palm tree in the campus is several centuries old.

People should visit it frequently to boost the confidence of the Sattradhikar and devotees of the Than. Madhupur is only 7 km from Kochbehar town.
Madhupur Than is a centre of Eka Sarana Nama Dharma with the concept of single worshipable entity, lord Krishna.

INSET# We don't have a strong world organization to promote Gurujona and  we have to think about promoting the whole Indian Culture through Gurujona, as Gurujona is a representative of Indian culture and thinking.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

‪Malhar 2014‬‬‬ ‪- ‎A Renaissance‬‬‬

                            ~ So much talent!  Inspired ~ Malhar 2014 St Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

                          ~ music and only music in the air ~ Malhar 2014 St Xavier’s College, Mumbai

~ #‎Malhar2014 #‎ARenaissance# One of the largest inter-collegiate youth festivals in St Xaviers College, Mumbai..was there today to judge a  musical event …..Lots of energy in the air…I remembered my college days…Guwahati Cotton College~

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kalpana Patowary in Yashraj Studio.

Recording for an upcoming Bollywood movie in Yashraj Studio with some really talented people...large and big musical ambiance.I am planning my next to bring in the folk musicians from villages to record here and feel big...


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kalpana Patowary's music recording studio - MUSIC BOX | MUMBAI

My new recording studio MUSIC BOX....creating acoustic ambience.

01 08 2014

Brahma Adi - The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut.

World Music or Global Music for me is free from the geographical LOC, where to express a point; one’s thought process does not border itself to a particular language, where only THE BHAVA prevails. It is a dominant scope where traditional or root music can proudly announce its dignity.
This track titled BRAHMA ADI from "The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut" ie NAAMGHOSHA by the bhakti poet Madhavdeva , reveals itself into different sections, namely, māyā- its nature and effects; cosmology- the Brahma; means of self-realisation; psychology of the jiva; the goal of human life.
BRAHMA ADI explains that all the living beings including the lord of creation BRAHMA are sleeping in a dream state being surrounded by Maya. Just as a dreaming man believes in the dream world which is his own creation, the individual self under the influence of māyā forgets its true nature - the pure self, and takes the unreal world, a creation of māyā as real. That is why, He clearly says all that is seen and extended in forms is nothing but an illusion, and as such all of it should be rooted out from the mind. Thus there exists nothing but (Param) Brahman. Param Brahman alone is true in essence, all-pervading, in all space and time.

Please listen to this track as this can uplift your soul. Please listen, like, share and leave a precious feedback. Your feedback is very precious. My latest musical documented WORLD MUSIC album "The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut" in collaboration for  the first time with Trilok Gurtu Germany - master of Indian percussion and Western drumming who plays a unique hybrid East-West drum set up, Guru Rewben Mashangva - Father of Naga folk blues, PAPON Angarag Mahanta and Zubeen Garg. # (Its a Times Music Presentation) @

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Indian Arrival Day 2014 | Indian Cultural Group mesmerizes audience at Monument Garden Church Street in Guyana.

Despite the rain on Saturday last, the visiting Indian Cultural Group delivered a mesmerizing performance at the Monument Garden on Church Street. This event was made possible by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and the Indian Commemoration Trust, and was one of the events held in observance of Guyana’s 48th Independence Anniversary and Indian Arrival Day.
Monument Garden Guyana
Kalpana in Monument
 Garden, Guyana

After a few performances by Guyanese singers and dancers, the Indian Cultural group led by Kalpana Patowary who is referred to as the ‘Bhojpuri Queen’. Her performance included folk, religious and popular Hindi songs.
Kalpana’s performance was well received by the audience particularly the Indian nationals who came out for an evening of live music from their homeland. Following Saturday’s performance, the troupe traveled to New Amsterdam where they took part in the Independence Flag Raising ceremony in Region 6. They also participated in an evening of Indian Music at the Theater Guild.
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony noted that arrival day is a significant occasion as it represents the journey made by our ancestors, and also represents the sacrifices made on the plantations. He emphasized that those sacrifices must not be taken for granted.
Minister Anthony stressed that Independence is also a significant time. While there have been challenges over the last 48 years there is a need for all Guyanese to come together to make a difference in Guyana.
Kalpana Patowary in Indian High
Commissioner, Mr Tirath Singh's office
In his remarks, Indian High Commissioner, Tirath Singh noted that the troupe should have arrived earlier in May nevertheless the High Commission is pleased that they are here to celebrate Guyana’s Independence.
Indian High Commissioner,
Mr & MrsTirath Singh
With regards to arrival day, Singh explained that besides the East Indians other groups also arrived around the same time.
Singh emphasized that despite the geographical distance between Guyana and India there are still some cultural and traditional ties that keep the two countries together. The link between the two nations is also evident through visits by Indian artists who frequently visit Guyana.                  

Miss India Guyana, Divya Sieudarsan also graced the event.

Kalpana has already sung in around 9000 songs for 22 languages, and has play backed in more than 100 Hindi feature films. A few of them are Akshay Kumar’s -KHATTA MEETHA,WELCOME, DE DANA DAN, Shah Rukh Khan’s-BILLU BARBER, Priadarshan’s AAROKSH, Ram Gopal Verma’s -RATHA CHARITHRA, Monty Sharma’s -CHAMKU & MIRCHI.

Ever since Kalpana made her entry into Bhojpuri music industry, she has taken it to great heights. It was her unique style of singing that made her so popular among st the masses.
She has been recognized with other famous Bhojpuri singers like Bhikhari Thakur Samman, Bhojpuri Sewa Samman, Swar Kokila, Bhojpuri Sangam Samman, Atkrista Gayak Samman, Swar Samragee, Panchamrit Samman, and Bhojpuri Swar Mallika.
Kalpana’s contribution to Bhojpuri is immense and she has sung in films, albums and of course the high selling devotional albums. Some of her hit numbers include ‘Dil Ke Dhadkan’, ‘Man Ke Sawaria’, ‘Blamji’, ‘Rasgulla’ and ‘Pani Bhare Gaini Rama’.

 SOURCE Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport @

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Indian Arrival Day 2014 | Kalpana Patowary in Curaçao International Airport on way to Port of Spain.

                                  Kalpana Patowary at Curaçao International Airport                                        
Kalpana Patowary in Curacao Airport on way to Port of Spain
Kalpana Patowary at Curaçao International Airport
Hato International Airport or Curaçao International Airport (formerly Dr. Albert Plesman International Airport) is the airport of Willemstad, Curaçao. It has services to the Caribbean region, South America, North America and Europe. Hato Airport is a fairly large facility, with the second longest commercial runway in the Caribbean region (after Rafael Hernández Airport). The airport serves as a main base for Insel Air and until its bankruptcy in September 2013.
Curaçao International Airport